Automotive Window Tint in Escondido, CA

Looks good, feels cool

Add style and value to your car with a perfect installation.

Automotive Window Tint

A smart buy worthy of your investment

Enjoy enhanced visibility & reduced eye strain by blocking sun glare.

Keep your car cool & have a comfortable ride any time of the day.

Protect your skin & your car's interior by blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays.

Enhance your privacy and add style to your vehicle.

Elevate your vehicle’s window glass by merging sophisticated looks and performance features. This classy addition is an absolute must for a comfortable and beautiful ride.

Rear view of a stunning car with window tint.
Installing tint with a gun heater.

Have a perfect fit installation and trustworthy customization.

Using state-of-the-art software to cut every film to perfection, you will be impressed with our premium tint work. You can count on a precise installation and no damage to your vehicle.

Get a peak performance automotive tint.

With the highest possible levels of protection against solar heat, road glare, and UV rays, our high-quality auto window films help reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure. You can stay cool and comfortable while you are driving to work or taking a weekend road trip.

Installation of tint in a rear window.

Communication and the process of having my new car tinted here was a breeze! They were very responsive in yelp and set the flat rate price which is the lowest around town for the ceramic film that they used. They have a very nice facility near auto parkway in Escondido that looked very professional. Will go back here again to have my back window tinted.

Alvin Gerald

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A black Porche with a stunning window tint install.
Ceramic Window Tint

Always stay connected.

Get all the same advantages of a standard window tint with the added ability to get clear signals and absolutely no interference. This ultra-advanced line feature has nano-technology to eliminate interference with signals for GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio, smartphones and other devices.

Paint Protection Film

Advanced armor against road damage.

Keep your car protected from rock chips & other road debris.

Get a virtually invisible self-healing technology that resists scratches.

Have durable & long-lasting protection that preserves your investment.

Preserve your vehicle in top shape.

The paint protection film is an invisible barrier against different road debris. Our industry-leading film helps protect your vehicle from rock chips and other objects such as insects, sand, and salt. Our self-healing paint protection is resistant to scratching and cracking while maintaining a high-gloss finish on your car.

Sport red car with beautiful tinted window.

Tint Removal

Leave it to the professional and avoid a sticky situation.

When your window tint is fading, cracking, discoloring, peeling, or you're just ready for something new, tint removal is always best left to experts. We use specialized techniques and products that remove the tinted film without any damage to your vehicle.

We will exceed all your needs and expectations.
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A lifetime guarantee

Enjoy long-term peace of mind.

Our automotive window films all come with a nationwide manufacturer lifetime warranty. It covers both the film and labor anywhere in the United States. You are protected anywhere across the USA.

You can trust us to make your vehicle look amazing for a lifetime!

We tint with passion

We have been in the tinting business for over 20 years.

Gregg has been tinting car windows since the 1980s. He founded the original Mr. Tint in Temecula in 1991 and Mr. Tint in Escondido in 1993. After many successful years operating these locations, Gregg sold the companies and decided to work for LLUMAR as a sales and distribution manager for ten years. He visited many shops at that time and gained extensive knowledge about the tint industry.

He opened NU-VUE Window Films in San Diego in 2008, focusing on the residential and commercial tint. This company has become the #1 window film company in San Diego and Riverside Counties for flat glass. With Gregg's passion for cars, he saw the opportunity to get back into the automotive tinting business with the purchase of TINTMAN in 2018. TINTMAN is now the premier auto tint company in the area providing excellent customer service and attention to detail. 

We look forward to taking care of your vehicle!
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